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BIOFOS at EC events and International conferences
Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XIII conference, SPIE Photonics.San Francisco, California United States.
13-15 February 2016
BIOFOS project presentation: progress and innovations.
SLAS 2016 -  5th Annual International Conference and Exhibition (CSEM booth), San Diego, California, US. 

23-27 January 2016

Biosensors 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden
25-27 May 2016
Presentation of the functionalization advancements and methods developed within the BIOFOS project. (BRFAA)
CHAINS 2015 - Chemistry as Innovating Science, Veldhoven, the Netherlands
30 November 2015
A Poster linked to the BIOFOS project will be presented, titled ‘Efficient and Tunable 3D Functionalization of Antifouling Zwitterionic Polymer Brushes on Si3N4’.(by WU)
International MicroNanoConference 2015 Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
8-9 December 2015
Presenation "Characterization and performance measurements on various Micro Ring Resonator structures". (by SAXION)
RAFA 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. 
3-6 November 2015
BIOFOS project  presentation. (See Food quality news events)
14-15 October 2015
BIOFOS presentation for the Technology Translation into Usable & Marketable Systems & Services session of the MNBS Workshop 2015.
29 June 2015
Workshop on Advanced Biosensing Devices for Biomedical and Food Analysis Applications.
LAMP 2015Fukuoka, Japan.
26-29 May 2015
BIOFOS presentation at the 7th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing Conference
XVI GREMPA Meeting, Meknes, Morocco
 12-14 May 2015
BIOFOS presentation in Session Quality, industrialization and marketing (IRTA) entitled BIOFOS: Micro-ring resonator-based biophotonic system for food analysis. 
10-13 May 2015
BIOFOS presentation at the conference.  
2015 E-MRS Spring Meeting, Lille, France.
11-15 May, 2015
Poster presentation at the session CC: Laser and plasma processing for advanced applications in material science. 
Journée Portes Ouvertes BIOCAPTEURS, University of Perpignan, France
10 April, 2015
Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XIII" conference, US
7-12 February 2015.
SPIE BiOS, San Francisco, California United States. 
SLAS 2015, Washington DC, US.
7-11 January 2015
cPDD presentation at CSEM booth at  the 4th Annual International Conference and ExhibitionConference 2015.
17-21 November 2014
Presentation of the BIOFOS project at the Latin American Optics and Photonics Conference, Cancún, Mexico.
27-28 October 2014
Oral and poster presentation of BIOFOS nanochemical platform at NanoCity 2014, Utrecht, The Netherlands: “Advanced “Surface Modification of Optofluidic Biosensors”.
20-21 October 2014
BIOFOS project presented at the 8th Annual concertation and consultation cluster workshop of European Commission (EC) funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems MNBS’14, Toulouse, France.
13-16 April 2014
The main concept and objectives of BIOFOS presented at the XII Conference on Optical, Chemical Sensors and Biosensors-EUROPT(R)ODE XII Conference, Athens, Greece.
NT-SMT-LS 2014
24-26 July 2014
The biochemical approach of BIOFOS project presented at International conference “New Trends on Sensing-Monitoring-Telediagnosis for Life Sciences, Brasov, Portugal: “Aptasensors for food Control-(Electro) chemical immobilization and measurements”

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