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SLAS 2016 - 5th annual International Conference and Exhibition
Date: 23-27 January 2016
San Diego, California, US
BIOFOS at the 5th Annual World Congress of Food and Nutrition 2016
Date: 18-20 November 2016
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
BIOFOS at the IEEE Sensors 2016
Date: 30 October 2016
Orlando, FL, USA
BIOFOS at the Biosensors 2016  Conference
Date: 25-27 May 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
BIOFOS at the Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XIII conference
San Francisco, California United States.
BIOFOS at the RAFA 2015  Conference
Date: 4-5 November 2015
Prague, Czech Republic
The application of micro/nano systems in food safety control. 
BIOFOS at the MNBS 2015  event
Date: 14-15 November 2015
Leuven, Belgium
Booth exhibition at Laser World of Photonics Event in Munchen
Date: 23 June 2015
Munich, Germany
BIOFOS project has been presented along with SYMPHONY, FOODSNIFFER, ICT-Photonics LIPHOS and OCEAN BRAAVO, at the special booth (booth #430), organized by Lionix in conjunction with EOSOF, 3rd EOS Conference on Optofluidics, at Laser World of Photonics Event in Munchen at 22-23 of June 2015. The BIOFOS project presented along with the other 4 projects during the poster session of the EOSOF Conference on Tuesday 23rd June, 2015
BIOFOS at the MNBS 2014 EC event
​Date: 20-21 November 2015
Toulouse, France
BIOFOS project presented at the 8th Annual concertation and consultation cluster workshop of European Commission (EC) funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems MNBS’14, 20-21 October 2014 Toulouse, France, with presentation and a poster on the users requirements involved in olive oil, nuts and milk sector and exploitation paths.
Press Releases 
December 2015: BIOFOS released at IRTAs official website. link
October 2015: BIOFOS project at SAXIONs' official website. link
June 2015: Article at ABC.es news. COVAP enters a consortium Europe to improve detection of contaminants. link
June 2015: Surfix participates in the development of new technologies within the BIOFOS project. link
May 2015: BIOFOS PROJECT: a solid positioning of COVAP beside the new technologies. link
May 2014: BIOFOS project is published at the International Journal for nuts.
November 2014: COVAP announces the beginning of BIOFOS project and presents its objectives and concept.


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