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Biological Platform-WP4
  • The limit of quantification values obtained for the aptameric sequences targeting Ochartoxin A (OTA), Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) and B1(AFB1) and copper are below the regulatory limits set by the EU.
  • Achieved 20 successive regeneration rounds of target binding and removal.
Photonic Platform –WP5
  • The chip fabrication run started and first chips are expected to be finalized in January ‘15.
  • The design/ specifications of the read out electronics for testing purposes has finished and currently are produced.
Nanochemical Platform-WP6
  • Successful direct immobilization of aptamers targeting Ochratoxin A on non-functionalized Si3N4 surfaces is achieved.
  • Successful fabrication of Alkene-terminated Si3N4 surfaces.
Microfluidics & Electronics Platform-WP7
  • Various pretreatment protocols for the three food types have been defined and are under validation.
  • Detection-unit-design with the analysis cartridge using an interface for an easy exchange of the bio-optical chip.
  • Pretreatment unit is designed. First modules are built and tested.
  • A master plan for the electronics as well as the first concept of the individual PCBs is defined.


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